GIG Program

Greek in Greece (GIG Program)

is an immersive language study-abroad program for students of Ancient Greek in collaboration with Ohio University and the University of Patras.

5 Week Immersion

Greek in Greece students take a full year of intermediate or a full  year of advanced Greek. They make rapid strides in their ability to read through intensive group work and immersive sight reading. An introductory course in Modern Greek is  designed specially for Ancient Greek students.


  1.  Intermediate  – Readings in Herodotus* – view course
  2.  Advanced – Readings in Homer and Plato*- view course
  3.  Modern Greek*- view course

(*Graduate options available)

University of Patras

Students will attend classes at the campus of the University of Patras. They will have access to the university library and other university facilities. The Modern Greek course will be taught by the faculty of the University of Patras. Participants will be paired with language buddies from UPatras to offer an immersive language experience.



  • Olympia
  • Delphi
  • Epidaurus
  • Corinth
  • Athens
  • Mycenae
  • Nafplion

For the eligibility, application and selection process please redirect to the Ohio Go Global Greek in Greece side of the program.

This program is open to Non-Ohio University students.  Students from other universities please contact the Ohio program directors (Bill Owens:, James Andrews:

For enquiries concerning the UPatras side of the program please contact the UPatras faculty at


The UPatras Side of the Program