#Greek Play

Proposal for the 1st Ohio-Patras Greek Play 2016 as a promo and intro for the Ohio-Patras Summer School “Greek in Greece” 



Suggested Greek Play for adaptation: Euripides’ Medea

1st Meeting Analysis of the Ancient Greek Play- Close reading of particular lines- Basic Bibliography
2nd Meeting Reception History of the Play- Main reception points (e.g. Seneca, Renaissance, Victorian period)
3rd Meeting Medea Today-Current Social problems at home and globally – Can the ancient play help us to negotiate current debates and in what ways?
4th Meeting Brainstorming between Ohio Students and Patras Buddies- Adapting and Recreating a passage of the play thematically, linguistically, dramatically, technologically
5th Meeting Performing the piece “transatlantically”. The Ohio students at home and Patras buddies at Patras. The recorded performance will be used as promo and intro in Greek in Greece Summer school.


These five transatlantic meetings will give students on both sides the opportunity to get to know each other and work collectively on a project. The project itself which will be documented on social media giving students the experience of an engaging mutual collaboration. Parts of the process will be documented on camera, thus functioning as promo and intro for students who would not have attended the transatlantic meetings.

Finally, if the summer school takes place, students will be able to re-perform the whole adapted play at the UPatras Campus, thus re-living the experience more fully and from a different local perspective.

The UPatras Side of the Program